On a hot streak

Zynga Poker is one of the most popular mobile games available and the largest revenue generator for Zynga. Recently, several successful features have been released into the game to encourage ongoing player engagement, one of which is called “Challenges”. Due to the success of the “Challenges” feature, players had shown interest in the tested bonus feature called “Hot Streaks”, an extension of “Challenges” that is essentially a powered-up version of that already popular feature.

The Challenge

Design the complete user experience of the “Hot Streaks” feature by adding new interactions, information, and visual language that fits within the existing game structure and brand style.

My Role

As Senior Experience Designer, I collaborated with the game designer (who conceptualized the new feature) to further flesh out his ideas and make decisions about how and where interactions with the new feature would be surfaced within the game. I created a complete wireframe of all existing screens affected as well as new screens to be designed/added. I then conceptualized and created the visual language for the feature, including working with a special effects animator to design complex visual effects and animations to add delight.


iOS & Android apps (native)


UX Design & Wireframing
Visual Design
Art Direction
QA Testing


Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop