David Goldklang

Full Stack Designer

I am passionate about clean & simple user experience design and I try to approach every project from a fresh perspective. I constantly challenge myself and others to try unconventional paths or methods while still being mindful of best practices. I like to be different. I strive for perfection though I know nothing is ever perfect. I’m a creative problem solver, a workaholic, and most importantly a dreamer.

My route to this portfolio has not been a direct one. I am an artist, one of those creative types, which was first apparent at the age of five when I began piano lessons. Task quickly turned into passion and I found myself spending most of my time at band and orchestra rehearsals and performances and loving every second. This fervor for music naturally led to me applying and enrolling in a double degree program in recording arts at the Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University.

It was during my college years that I realized interest in other art forms. What began as an attempt to create my own website developed into a keen interest in graphic design. I found myself jumping at the chance to design business cards and recital posters for many musician friends. I pursued a job at Kinko’s, creating logos, flyers, invitations, and other printed materials for customers. Hours upon hours I spent teaching myself to use design software with agility and learn the tenets of the trade, and my skills improved rapidly.

After college, I won a Fellowship with the New World Symphony and moved to Miami Beach where exciting musical opportunities included a residency in Rome and performances in Carnegie Hall and on the Queen Mary II cruise ship. During my time outside of orchestra, I developed a client base and designed branding packages for businesses around the world. Soon I decided that, although music was my first love, I wanted my future to expand into a career in design.

Three years later, I returned to California and have since worked as a designer for Adobe, Comcast, and Free Range Studios while continuing my own freelance design work in my spare time. I have taken courses in design to round out my knowledge but have found that, for me, the best instruction has come from experiential learning.

In 2012, I founded Vända Playing Cards after a personal project to design a rotationally symmetric custom deck of cards turned into a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign. Since then I have produced two more decks and gaming accessories and continue to work on new concepts. I have loved this process of evolving as an artist, a designer, and a professional, and I look forward to continuing to create and explore within this field.


  • Interaction Design 100%
  • Visual Design 100%
  • Rapid Prototyping 95%
  • Usability Testing 90%
  • Information Architecture 85%
  • Coding (html / CSS) 75%
  • User Research 70%


  • Illustrator 100%
  • Photoshop 98%
  • InDesign 96%
  • InVision 95%
  • Experience Design 90%
  • Sketch 88%
  • Axure 70%